fettered release: a poem

I intended to write a little post about brokenness. Instead, this poem emerged. It’s what my heart was breathing at the moment. After you read it–if you’re so inclined–let me know where you find life . . . how you emerge unfettered . . . when God pierces through and finds you . . . where you dance beneath indigo skies . . . I’d love to know. 


hiding shaking

piercing dancing

emerging retreating

striking dangling

ambivalent certainty

false security

life discovered

life uncovered

drastic baby steps

in three-quarter time

singing indigo skies

mourning the doves

praising the lies

secrets born

secrets kept

fettered release




by: me

3 thoughts on “fettered release: a poem

    1. Derek & Megan, yes, contradiction and rhyme. I think even those who don’t struggle with brokenness can relate to life like that. And Derek–thanks for catching my type-o. Really. 🙂

  1. “ambivalent certainty” is my favorite phrase of your poem (unless it’s “fettered release.”) That’s how I feel every day on this long, broken path. I’m certainly not “dancing under indigo skies,” but I’m still here, and He’s with me, even though some of my Christian friends can’t see it.

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