All things new

“But our moment of solitude is precisely a moment in which we want to be in the presence of our Lord with empty hands, naked, vulnerable, useless, without much to show, prove, or defend. That is how we slowly learn to listen to God’s small voice.”

~Henry Nouwen, Making All Things New, p.76

Question for my readers: Where have you found solitude today?

Magnolia photograph taken by my Middle Son, a boy of many talents and a giant heart of goodness and gold.

4 thoughts on “All things new

  1. As I was eating my cereal this morning. Although I had already had my devotions and prayer time in the morning, I found that if we keep our minds open to God, he speaks at us at weird times!

    Let’s just say, a phrase on the back of a cereal box inspired my entire day. I may blog about it. It may be a secret only for me. Regardless, my day is made beautiful through Him!


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