On writing and wonder

Writing is a funny thing.

To pursue it–and pursue it wholly–you must leave parts of yourself behind.

The parts which veil pain and make it look pretty.

The parts which smile when the heart is cracking in a million tiny pieces.

The parts which make gliding through life appear easy. Right. Normal.

Or so it seems.

As much as it hurts sometimes . . . to write . . . to put things “out there” that hurt and make folks think less or different of me . . .

. . . in the end those hurts becomes life.

LIFE in the hearts of others, whose threadbare pulse needs to know they aren’t alone.

LIFE in the arms of the broken, who need to know they can be whole.

LIFE in the throat of the songbird, who thinks she’ll never utter another note.


In words.

Writing . . . writing well and from the heart . . . is like Maya Angelou wrote below.

Oh, how I often wonder, too.

Wonder, by Maya Angelou

A day

drunk with the nectar of


weaves its way between

the years

to find itself at the flophouse

of night

to sleep and be seen

no more.

Will I be less

dead because I wrote this

poem or you more because you read it

long  years hence.

I hope and pray we’ll all be more fully alive . . . after we press through the pain . . . to another day of promise . . . another day of tasting the nectar of being real and being alive and being healed.

I pray.


If you’re a writer, do you leave those parts I mentioned behind?

Or is it difficult for you to shed them?

Do you wonder, like Maya Angelou describes?

Who will be more


Who will be less

when they–after they–read the words you’ve penned?

6 thoughts on “On writing and wonder

  1. Putting them on paper is painful and frightning. Leaving them on your heart with no escape is infinitely more suffocating and damaging.

    Thanks, Amy. Your courage gives others courage.

  2. One of my most driving reasons for writing is to create an opportunity for change in others. I’ve been changed by the things I read and a writer breathes new life with every reader even long years after she has died.

    But the pain, we live it twice. Once in life and then again upon the page.

  3. This is a very inspiring post! I definitely leave it all on the page for others to make what they will of it. All my experiences, emotional, and otherwise, come out in my writing. We are what we write!

  4. It seems the more I write, the more I discover about myself. Some of the things I discover, I’m ashamed to share. It is when I share these things, I further discover a greater freedom… one that can make me feel more alive, more open to the world at whole.

    Beautiful post, Amy.

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