The adventure of story

What’s your story?

Oh, you have one. Even if you don’t think so, you do.

Everyone does.

And everyone’s story matters.

This being Holy Week, I think it’s a good time to think about story. Jesus knew that in story, folks can find truth. Throughout His ministry, Jesus could have hollered and begged and stood on pedestals and wiped the sweat from His brow and spittle from his chin trying to get His message across. He could’ve just spelled out what folks need to hear using plain language.

And sometimes He did.

But in His most impactful moments, Jesus chose to tell stories. Scenes and scenarios, metaphors and similes, memorable imagery.


I think, because Jesus knew humans remember best a good story.

Truth presented through adventure.

Not just preachy words, but a portrait . . . a watercolored tapestry where the colors of hope and admonishment blend imperceptibly and seep into the recesses of our hearts.

I’m a writer by nature, so I love to tell stories. For a long time, I told them through memoir and truth. More recently, I’m telling them through fiction.

I thought it would be harder to tell the truth through fiction, but in fact (for me), the opposite is true. Fiction writing–storytelling–offers ways to unleash truth and hope in ways limited only by the imagination. Storytelling offers tastes of truth in ways which appeal to all sorts of palates. Even the bittersweet can be penned into song through the power of a great story.

Yes, you have a story.

And your story is an adventure.

All stories are.

This week, I’m grateful for story.

For the power of the Easter story.

For the power . . .

. . . the adventure . . .

of Easter truth.

May you find your story this week, especially, and always, as the Risen Christ offers to roll the stone from your heart and blow the dust off the redeemed and noteworthy pages of your life.

“Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story—
those he redeemed from the hand of the foe . . . “

Psalm 107:2

(This post was written as part of the One Word a Time Blog Carnival on adventure.)

14 thoughts on “The adventure of story

      1. I have a story. About a month ago I was going through a really rough time. The song came to me “He will Carry you.
        If He carried the weight of the world upon his shoulders.
        I know my sister that He will carry you.
        Instead of seeing Jesus carrying the cross I saw him carrying the world like we see in pictures!
        I’m so glad I gave my heart to Him @ a young age!

  1. I love a story! Don’t most of us? Jesus told stories that raised questions. His friends often wondered what he actually meant, so he would explain until they could understand. Then they were able to grasp the truth of his message. His most important message was Love God with all your heart, soul and mind, and your neighbor as yourself. Then Jesus portrayed what he meant by going to the cross and showing his love for you and me!

  2. You made the semi-finals of acfw? WOW. Writing is such an adventure!

    Great post.

    I LOVE the parables, they paint such wonderful pictures in such few words!

  3. It’s so easy to fall into the trap that our story is unimportant or uninteresting. We choose not to tell it and as a result, we BECOME uninteresting. I’m so thankful for people who have given me courage to share my story and for a God who makes it worth sharing.

  4. Congratulations, Amy on your ACFW placement. I’m not surprised! You are one of the greatest storytellers I know except for Jesus, of course.:-)
    I wish you a Happy Easter! Rejoice in the Lord!

  5. I so agree with you. Christ used stories all the time. God uses stories to tell us of his love for us. And we all have a story. Let’s use them for his glory! Thanks for your post.

  6. We can tell the truth through fiction in places we dare not go in non-fiction.

    For the record, I MUCH prefer your fiction writing, although both are solid.

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