Face and live through


God said, “Let there be light.”

And there was light.

Quickly followed by darkness.

Even today, when the sun hangs from the highest point in the sky, we wander and grope in darkness. Darkness brought on by our choices. By the choices of others. By the choices of generations before us and yet to come.

It’s easy to get lost in the blackness if we forget we don’t have to stay there.

We cannot escape the ebony blanket around us, but we can allow Jesus Christ to lift the covers off our souls, breathe in the cool scent of day and the weightless breath of Him.

Sometimes–too often–I forget that I belong to Him. That yes, I must face brokenness, but that Jesus overwhelms my brokenness. Jesus took on my brokenness. Jesus crashes through my brokenness and walks with me through it.

Remembering these truths is the challenge. Lifting my head and shifting my gaze away from the train wreck around me is the chore.

But when I do, the burden lifts.

The light cuts in.

And I am once again free in Him.

“A Christian is a person who decides to face and live through suffering. If we do not make that decision, we are endangered on every side. A man or woman of faith who fails to acknowledge and deal with suffering becomes, at last, either a cynic or a melancholic or a suicide. Psalm 130 grapples mightily with suffering, sings its way through it, and provides usable experience for those who are committed to traveling the way of faith to God through Jesus Christ.” ~Eugene H. Peterson, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in an Instant Society

9 thoughts on “Face and live through

    1. Amy–thank you for visiting. I read your brave and heartbreaking post. I listened to that Family LIfe broadcast last week, too, and was so blessed by it. For other readers, here is what Amy said in her post, above, about that Family Life Today broadcast on sexual abuse. May God keep breaking through and healing your darkness!

      Amy wrote: “Last week Family Life Today interviewed Justin Holcomb, a pastor at Mars Hill Church and director of the resurgence. Justin and his wife, Lindsey, wrote Rid of My Disgrace , a book on gospel hope and healing for sexual assault victims. You Are Not to Blame is a powerful broadcast that I strongly recommend for survivors of sexual abuse and their families, friends and supporters, as well as anyone concerned with protecting kids.”

      Here’s a direct link to the program: http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/familylife-today/listen/you-are-not-to-blame-226834.html

  1. And that’s your passion, isn’t it, Amy … to write about facing what hurts us … what wounds us … what breaks us … and learning to live through it with Jesus.

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