whirling dance decked with wildflowers

I give you all the credit, God— you got me out of that mess . . .

. . . you put me together . . .

God, you pulled me out of the grave,

gave me another chance at life

when I was down-and-out.

You did it: you changed wild lament

into whirling dance;

You ripped off my black mourning band

and decked me with wildflowers.

I’m about to burst with song;

I can’t keep quiet about you.

God, my God,

I can’t thank you enough.

(excerpts from Psalm 30 TMV)

6 thoughts on “whirling dance decked with wildflowers

  1. It is to His credit that I have come this far out of the mess, but it’s not over, yet. Sometimes, even though I don’t think I need a lot, I still feel that I ask too much of Him.

    Amy, you always bring me to reality in what I need. What an appropriate Psalm and beautiful picture. Thank you:-)

  2. Amy,
    Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize! I am so happy for you. What an accomplishment. I would love to read your manuscript some time when it’s available to the public.

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