like idiot bees to a senseless smell

Lately I’ve been smitten with the short stories of Eudora Welty.

She is one of those writers whose pen moved to a different cadence, refusing to be boxed into either poetry or prose, content for each letter to curl and curve against the beat of the heart, rather than attach to the horizontal line of the conventional.

Take this passage below, for instance:



One paragraph.

I say, forget a picture and a thousand words.

Her words create a thousand images.

Which in the end, as a writer, is what makes all the difference.


What about you? 

What writer(s) inspire you to take your prose (or poetry) to another level?

To reach deeper?

To see clearer?

To rend the heart more than ever?

2 thoughts on “like idiot bees to a senseless smell

  1. Which writers inspire me? Amy K. Sorrells for one–as yet undiscovered by the masses–nevertheless she never fails to challenge my thinking and not always in a comfortable way. But then “challenge” and “comfort” aren’t synonyms.

    Another writer, Daphne du Maurier, who is scarcely discussed outside literary classrooms these days, stirs my imagination like no other writer can. I want to BE the characters she’s created if only for a few hours. Like the impetuous Dona in Frenchman’s Creek–just once I’d like to feel the exhilaration of dressing up like a man, join a raucous band of swashbucklers aboard a pirate ship; dangle from the tall mast and use the point of my sword to pluck off the powdered wig of a stuffy old curmudgeon, locking eyes with him for the brief moment as the deed is done.

    Not only is it just through reading that I will likely experience such naughty exhilaration–but it is through reading that I can experience it over and over again.

    In much the same way that Ms. Welty conjures a thousand images with her words, Ms. Sorrell’s short but straight as an arrow through the heart commentary seems to bring me back to the same place every time: why am I not writing?

    DuMaurier allows me to escape into worlds I can never experience in body; Sorrells challenges me to face the world in which I live. These are the two most important gifts writers have to offer.

    So if Sorrells as wife and mother with a dual career can find the time to write every day as good writers do, why can’t I?

    I can offer a plethora of valid reasons that I could easily sell to most people–except another writer. For a writer, writing is like breathing–its impossible NOT to do it. The real truth is, I don’t like having my heart rended, and in order to rend another’s heart, one must first rend one’s own, and that takes a great deal of courage.

    1. Deb! Belated thanks for such a kind and encouraging note here! Some say my over affair with the pen borders on insane but then, folks have always said such things about writers. Pray for abundant writing mercies for you! And, by the way, YOU inspire ME! XOXOXOX

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