white out

lost in the heavy fall

of frozen water living


when the warmth of wisdom bestowed

by the crown prince melts the white out

and hope flows gently like

spring rains


into the arms of the thirsty

the arms of faraway lands

stricken of hope and holiday

downtrodden without homes and homelands

murdered for generations


meek and lowly I offer no more than

my empty words

dumb fruit of a fallen heart


ill-equipped I go

singing “here am I”

with joints weak and hot

lame from running, broken, toward hope


the lost I do not

can not


for I have no map no path no means



even untrustworthy

but still



for the lost to lead



His justice and mercy

a shelter reaching

wild and safe


and we

even me

hunkered against

emboldened by

the down of His




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