i’ve got a fever (a poem)

and i don’t need more cowbell

although i’m tempted to stand on the rooftops and ring something

anything to let out the clanging within my heart


re-entry syndrome

i suppose that’s what folks call the wringing of hands

within my soul

pining for friends and truth

faith stripped clean

a half-a-world away




frightened by my own homeland

darkened by curtains blinding western eyes

wary of the upside down ache of my heart




the riches of the ones

most folks think are the poor in spirit

a half-a-world away




angered until i realize


need ministers




3 thoughts on “i’ve got a fever (a poem)

  1. well said Amy. Sorry your leader didn’t address re-entry with you better! :-). love your insight, thoughts, emotion, vulnerability.

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