What’s new?

I’ve been on a bit of a writing sabbatical, during which I’ve remodeled a bathroom, torn apart two antique chairs to reupholster, read a dozen books or so, and sent three kids back to three different schools.

“Now what?” my husband asked me last evening, as I sat on the couch doing NOTHING.

“What do you mean, now what?”

He grinned. “What project are you going to do next?”

I grinned back.

My husband knows me. Knows I can’t stand to not have a project. Knows I can’t stand to sit still (except for occasional–okay–frequent afternoon naps before the boys get home from school).

He knows I can’t stand to not create.

The cool thing about an artist’s sabbatical is how throwing myself into books and painting and turning ugly chairs into something beautiful somehow feeds and forms the words and stories spinning around in my brain.

And so, today it begins.

Another project.

Another book.

And I dare say I’m more excited about this third novel than the first two–and I loved them dearly. Like a mother who fears her heart can’t expand any further to birth and love yet another child, but whose soul once again explodes as she peers into her newborn’s inky eyes, I’m discovering that my brain really can grow and nurture and rear yet another story.


How about you?

What are you working on these days, friends?

How do you nurture the artist within you to continue to create?


FX Photo Studio_image


P.S. I’m also starting up an author newsletter, which I’ll send out every couple months or so, and which I’d be much obliged if you’d sign up for in the sidebar on your screen. (Or you can click right here.) With two books coming out in the next two years, the newsletter will feature updates about the book releases, special promotions, opportunities for book clubs, tips for writers, recipes that pertain to the novels, and much more. The first newsletter will come out by the end of September, so stay tuned! 

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