An interview with the one-and-only Katdish!

photo-618-Version-43If there’s one person I adore more than any other and whom I’ve met as a direct result of my journey toward publication, it’s Kathy Richards, affectionately known as “Katdish” to the rest of us. (Isn’t she precious??!>>>)

She’s gracious enough to host me on her blog today, interviewing me and such. And to those who mosey over there and leave a comment, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a signed copy of How Sweet the Sound along with a sinfully yummy tin of pecan samples from the B & B Pecan Company!

Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Katdish: The first thing I ever read from you (besides a blog post) way back in 2010 was a non-fiction manuscript about dealing with brokenness. What lead you to make the leap to fiction? Do you imagine yourself writing non-fiction in the future?

Amy: How Sweet the Sound did begin as a non-fiction work which centered around finding hope and joy in the midst of brokenness. As I delved further into the publishing industry, I began to realize that my chances of a publishing house picking up my non-fiction story were pretty dismal…

Now, click here to scoot on over to Katdish’s place to read the rest of the interview and for your chance to win!

And thank you, Katdish!!!


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