Introducing GRACE NOTES! A FREE resource just for teen and YA readers of How Sweet the Sound!

My debut novel has been on bookstore shelves a couple of months now, and one of the unanticipated (but AWESOME!) responses is  coming from teens and young adults.

In short, they love the book.

The amazing folks at David C. Cook sensed this along with me a few weeks ago, and since then, we are thrilled to tell you about an exciting, complimentary (and FREE!) resource we’ve put together just for these readers.





I wrote the content, and the designers made it look amazing, and it’s available for download NOW (and did I mention it’s FREE?!?!?) if you click this link:


Inside, you’ll find stuff like:

  • insider information about the story and the author (me!)
  • reflection time journaling and/or book club discussion questions (use them for quiet time, or to talk about the book with your friends!)
  • helpful resources and their internet links
  • instructions on how to make a broken ladder friendship bracelet, just like the ones Anni made for her friends in the novel

Here’s a short preview, the introduction to Grace Notes:


Just like me, Anni and Jed grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s, a time which, in many ways, was a lot different than today. We didn’t have cell phones or video games.

We used encyclopedias and libraries instead of the Internet. We listened to music on boom boxes and Walkmans. But in many ways, life was the same. People hurt each other. Figuring out which crowd you fit into at school was difficult, and often painful.

And knowing who to trust with your deepest secrets? Well, sometimes that was the hardest thing of all. 

This downloadable guide is written just for you! Use it to start a reading club with your friends or use it on your own. Use it to journal on, doodle on, think on, or share with someone you love when you’re done.

Most of all, if Ernestine were here, she’d tell you to use this guide to find ladders all around you, and the peace that comes along with them. 


This is my gift, with the generous help and resources of David C. Cook, to young adult and teen readers of How Sweet the Sound.

(I mentioned that it’s FREE, right?)

I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it, along with the novel, in the days and weeks to come!




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