Risky. A signed, two-book giveaway.


Being a friend, that is.

Letting someone be a friend to you.

Easier covering our withered souls with the sleeves of “Fine. I’m fine.”

Safer being known for what folks can see, rather than what they cannot.

The story in How Sweet the Sound is all about the safe. All about the ease. Until the hiding became riskier than the reveal.

Today I’m giving away two copies of How Sweet the Sound–one for you, and one for a friend who KNOWS YOU.

The rules are simple: post a comment about why you want a copy to share, and about what makes the friend who KNOWS YOU so special. I’ll draw a name from the entries and announce it Thursday morning.

Good luck!!!


9 thoughts on “Risky. A signed, two-book giveaway.

  1. Amy, this is perfect timing. Just a few moments ago I was searching for “care packages for cancer patients”. Yesterday I spent some time with a close friend I have known for nearly 20 years, taking a walk, while holding her hand since she is too weak to walk on her own after a tough surgery to remove part of her colon due to cancer. She has chemo coming up once she recovers from the surgery and I have spent the last 18 hours trying to think of ways to minister to her from her sofa, ways to bring a smile to her face and to help her pass the time. I even thought of having a book club where a small group of ladies could read the book and spend an hour discussing the book. Ways to love, support, encourage and give her HOPE — the theme from your book. Perfect timing to see this post!

  2. Oh, what a sweet offer. I have a dear friend in Pennsylvania. We shared our early parenting years together, and have a common love of reading that connects our hearts across the miles. Your words + heart amaze me, Amy!

  3. Amy, I would love to be able to give a copy to my daughter’s boyfriend who is going through so much pain right now. We have a great relationship and I would love the opportunity for someone to show him the door to allow him to have full access to his feelings rather than turning into another man who shuts down in the face of pain. He is like a son to me; I love him and see the love he has for my daughter and family.

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