Super exciting news!!! A short story, John Green (yes, THAT John Green) and Indy Reads!

I’m absolutely thrilled (and beyond grateful) to have been asked to contribute an original short story to an anthology scheduled for publication this fall benefitting one of my favorite local organizations, Indy Reads!

Indy Writes Books: an Indy Reads Books Anthology will be published by Thanksgiving 2014, and 20 authors (give or take a few) will be included. All the authors have read at, or are scheduled to read at, Indy Reads Books. Here’s some of the AMAZING authors who’ve confirmed so far (and yes, I realize that in comparison to their combined genius, my little story will be filler material):

The folks in charge of putting this INCREDA-FABULOUS anthology together are planning a big launch for the holidays, including reading/signing events at the store and a launch event. The book will only be available through Indy Reads Books (store and website) for the first 100 days after publication. Following that they will make it available through Amazon and other commercial outlets.

So what is Indy Reads and Indy Reads Books?

Besides one of my favorite places in the city, here’s some information about them I pulled straight from their websites with links to them as well. Check them out online and in person. They’re pretty amazing!

bannerlogo_indyreads“Indy Reads is a not-for-profit organization that relies on volunteers to provide basic literacy tutoring to illiterate and semi-literate adults. Their mission is to promote and improve the literacy of adults and families in Central Indiana. One out of five adults can’t read the content on this website. They believe everyone should have an opportunity to learn to read, and their goal is to make Indianapolis 100% literate. Their programs include one-on-one tutoring, small group sessions, English as a Second Language instruction, and “Literacy Labs” at neighborhood centers.


“The bookstore–a source of revenue for the not-for-profit organization Indy Reads–is an independent bookstore, and the only bookstore in downtown Indianapolis. They sell mostly used and some new books for adults and children, and they can special order almost any book you can name!  The profits from Indy Reads Books go directly toward improving literacy in the community through Indy Reads.

“Customers who purchase used books at the store not only get to buy their books at greatly discounted prices, they also know their money is being put toward a noble cause in the community.

“The bookstore is located in a historic building at 911 Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis, across from the restaurant Black Market, in a rapidly developing section of the Mass Ave neighborhood and along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Their dedicated staff and volunteers are passionate about books and about promoting literacy in our community…”

Stay tuned for details as the release date of Indy Writes Books: an Indy Reads Books Anthology  approaches.

Until then, keep reading, visit the websites of the other authors included, and visit Indy Reads Books whenever you get the chance!

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