Pondering Mary’s song. A return to joy.

And in the middle of the nightmare comes the joy

unending joy

in the darkness, the streets full of hate and murder and


the God-light shines down on one fortunate one


forming within the unexpecting,


and she dances.

Like a child riding waves at the seashore

tides of grace consume her

His bared arms wrap around her, steadying courage

and pulling her from the mire

decking her with mercies and crowning

her with

The Promise.

You can read all of Mary’s beautiful song in Luke 1:46-55 by clicking here.




“So give to the people this Message from God-of-the-Angel-Armies: ‘Come back to me and I’ll come back to you.”

Zechariah 1

One thought on “Pondering Mary’s song. A return to joy.

  1. and she dances.

    best part.

    plus, thank you for showing and sharing that truth, that hope for joy, in your book, How Sweet the Sound. bits and pieces of it are still pushing through to the surface of my heart.


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