Meet Jakob: an inside peek into my new novel’s protagonist.

You know him, my new novel’s protagonist.

He might be your neighbor, your grandfather, your favorite retired teacher, or your community’s celebrated veteran.
And he is, more often than not, forgotten.
He lives in a valley of decline with the shadow of death hovering over him.
He lives with regret.
He lives with cherished memories.
He lives with grief.
He lives in a hospital and feels afraid.
In a nursing home and feels alone.
With relatives and feels like a burden.
In a dilapidated home, shut in, and feels confused.

But given a chance…

given a listen…
he can find hope.

And so can we.

In his stories are tears, but also laughter.
In his memories are struggles, but also triumph.
In his brokenness and frailty there is a strength, foreign, and a wisdom, elusive, to those of us who haven’t lived near as long as he.

On March 1, you can meet Jakob Stewart, 94-years-young, and the main character in my novel, Then Sings My Soul.

And you can see how the pain and shame he’s carried throughout his life is redeemed, as the past can be redeemed for all of us.
Maybe you or someone you know walk the line between caring for an aging relative while at the same time trying to find your own way in the world. If so, I have a hunch you’ll enjoy this story.
Maybe you like a little historical and a little mystery, reminiscent of Sarah’s Key. If so, you might like this story, too.
I hope you enjoyed this preview of Jakob. I rather adore him and can’t wait for you to meet him!
Stay tuned for more insider information and sneak peeks into Then Sings My Soul as release day quickly approaches

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