On remembering. A poem.

the sun came out

yesterday just when i was thinking

i couldn’t remember

how my face felt warm under its light,

a radiance that had always been there

but i couldn’t remember

so i thought it had gone.




One thought on “On remembering. A poem.

  1. I actually am a survivor as well, unfortunately the assault occurred at a college I was attending and when I called the police the detective first said “I don’t believe you” as well as the school did not protect because the assaulter was allowed to attend classes as long as he avoided me, yes because he clearly values laws and rule and respects other hman beings. Not only was I raped but I owe that school 30 grand for an education they wouldn’t let me get. I try to speak out every year around the date.. Which is Feb 28th. But I am forever haunted and I get enraged every time I see a bill. Where is he now? Living happily I’m sure as I am forever changed in some ways good but I’ll never be that self sacrificing person again. After seven years.. I am still filled with sadness and rage.

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