Dear reader, do you have coffee stains on your desk?

I do.

I don’t think about the stains much, except that they’re pretty easy to clean away with Windex.

Everything is pretty easy to clean away with Windex, right?

But you know, I kind of like them there, those brown rings on my desk…some of them to the right of where my laptop sets, some of them to the left…remnants of long mornings staring at my screen, wondering what to write next, what to do next, what to imagine next.

Most mornings I drink a cup or two before the third gets cold half way through as once again I’m lost in the process of writing.

Are you a creative?

You don’t have to be a writer to have cold, dry coffee stains next to your workstation.

You could be a painter.

A carpenter.

A businessman.

A nurse.

A doctor.

A waitress.

A computer geek.

Coffee stains around your work space testify to your dedication and your heart to do whatever it takes.

But what…or whom…are we doing it all for?

I found this verse (below) in Colossians, and was convicted (((again))) about committing my work, and my words, to the Lord.

Things that last are hard to come by these days. Lost in a computer blip, a soundbite, a performance review, a harsh word from a customer…

…maybe the writer of Ecclesiastes was right when he lamented that there’s nothing new under the sun and besides that, everything is just dust in the wind.

But I don’t think so.

Not if what we do, we do for the Lord.

A brush stroke,

a leveled frame,

a balanced ledger,

a fevered brow cooled,

an infection fought,

a coffee cup filled,

a computer code cracked…

…all of that lasts forever when done for the Lord.

What are you doing today?

IMG_7551 (1)

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