Casting call: Meet the characters of Lead Me Home

I am so excited–people have been sending me photographs of their copies of Lead Me Home that have arrived already from some stores. I can’t wait until you all have a copy and we can talk about all the characters in this book.


Speaking of characters, can I share something special with you? 

I’d like to introduce you to the five main characters of this novel. They truly became my friends over the months I spent writing their stories. I think you’ll find they will become your friends, too.

Meet James Horton.

The pastor of one of Sycamore’s oldest churches, James is a kind man who recently suffered tragedy, and who is about to come upon more. How he responds to these crises impacts his faith and everything he holds dear.

Meet Shelby Horton.

James’ only daughter, Shelby is nearing high school graduation and has also been impacted by recent tragedy. Will she continue to shut people out of her life in response, or will she learn to trust again?

Meet Noble Burden.

 In his early twenties, Noble is stuck on his family jersey dairy farm, the last place on earth he wants to be. Or is it? Handsome, angry and determined, what will he give up for his dreams?

Meet Eustace Burden.

Eustace is probably the favorite character of mine that I have ever written. As Noble’s older brother, he is a gentle giant, unexpectedly charming in unexpected ways. 

Meet Laurie Burden.

Mama of Noble and Eustace, Laurie’s had more than her fair share of trouble, everything from a no good husband to near-poverty and a precious son with disabilities. Is Laurie destined for hopelessness, or can she find joy again?

Lead Me Home is available in stores and online at your favorite bookstore now. Click here to order. 

Thank you for taking the time to meet these five special folks. I can’t wait to hear what you all think about their story!


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