25 days of good

We have 25 days, folks.

25 days to choose whether we self-implode from the shiny sound bites and chaos and gnashing teeth this election cycle has become…


…25 days to find the good.

It’s still there, you know.

Good in the world.

So here’s what I’m gonna do, and I challenge you to join me.

Join me in finding 





to be thankful for, to smile about, to make someone else smile about, to warm your heart, to soothe your soul, to delight in, to rejoice about, to seize and to savor.



A leaf. A color. A word. A taste. A sound. A scent. A touch.

Because we were made to find the good.

These next 25 days will continue to be nasty, that’s for certain. 

We can add to the chaos. (I know I’ve been guilty.)

Or we can do something good to help folks have hope.

It’ll be easier some days than others. 

But we can all find one thing good each day.

Join me?

Here’s how:

1) Find the good.

2) Snap a picture.

3) Post it. On Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Pinterest, and use the hashtag, #25daysofgood. 

That’s it. 


I’ll go first.

DAY 25: MY DOGS (because I don’t post publicly about my husband and kids)

And because who doesn’t like dogs?

Meet Jaxson:

Meet Zoe Mae: 

Meet Buddy:

They like to beg…

…and sunbathe…

…and nap…

…and rest their jowls on the cool floor at the end of a long, hard day.

Did I mention napping? 

And staring…

…and squishing themselves into tiny chairs…

…and waiting for their boys to get off the school bus…

…and looking for squirrels…

…and taking long walks… 

…and looking generally adorable…

… and taking car rides…

…and rolling their eyes…

…and napping…

…and adoring their humans…

…and getting belly rubs…

…and looking pitiful… 

…and waiting for their humans to come home.

I love my dogs.

My dogs are good.

What’s your one good thing today?

6 thoughts on “25 days of good

  1. Thanks for sharing your dogs. They are my favorite “people”. Have two right now as third one went over the Rainbow Bridge.

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