Day 20, counting down #25daysofgood 

I won’t be watching the debates tonight, just like I didn’t watch the last ones. I’ve decided through Election Day to try not to add to the chaos, but instead offer our cacaophonic world snippets of hope and good. Because if we’re going to make it through this season, we’re going to have to find good things to bond us back together.

Tonight I’ll be curled up with my dogs and a really good biography I just started on Max Perkins. 

And today I’m celebrating more good.

Mum’s the word.

The good word of the day.

All around, the colored mounds are bursting from urns and weathered flower beds…

supernovas of the spring and summer…one last hurrah of life before the frost comes and tucks us all inside by the fireplace on our shortened winter days…

Mums are good in our dingy, fading landscapes.

What’s YOUR good today?


🔎 Find the good.

📸 Snap a picture.

📲 Share it on social media.


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