Meet the characters of How Sweet the Sound: Princella Harlan

All this month, I’m introducing various characters from my novel, How Sweet the Sound. Today I’m introducing the colorful Princella Harlan, matriarch of the Harlan family.

Order a copy of How Sweet the Sound today to learn more about her and all the characters in this lower Alabama story. Available at this link and wherever your favorite books are sold.


Life has its rules.

Rules made to be kept and not broken.

Family rules.

Society rules.

Rules of nature which, like the sureness that the sun, rise and beckon the scrawny limbs and chartreuse leaves of the pecan trees to lengthen and unfurl.

Rules which hold things together, like the earth which pulls and keeps the ivory orb of the moon from flying off into space.

Rules meant to keep secrets in, and never let them out.

As matriarch of three generations of the Harlan family, Princella Harlan has rules, and she makes sure everyone keeps them.

Until one day, the wind blows.

The cradle rocks.

Boughs break.

Hell breaks loose in Bay Spring, Alabama, where the Harlan name is etched in on the town water tower, and everyone within a stone’s throw can see it flaking and fading away.

Can Princella’s hardened heart be redeemed?

Will her rules save her?

Or will something–or someone–set her free?


If you’ve read How Sweet the Sound, what did you think about Princella? Share your thoughts below (without giving away any plot secrets, of course!).


One thought on “Meet the characters of How Sweet the Sound: Princella Harlan

  1. Oh she looks like she can’t be redeemed as there are more important “prizes” that are capturing her mind and heart. As the matriarch, rules are so important as is her community standing despite attempts to take it down. Where there is hope, one can always have a heart of desire that she might be changed or her heart be softened. One can always hope for Princella, if she is changed here or in the afterlife

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