Big, blessed book giveaway!

Without readers, a book is nothing.

Stories only come to life when someone reads them.

Because of that, and because of a heart overflowing with gratitude to those who read my books, I’m celebrating by giving away EIGHTEEN signed copies* of my newest release, How Sweet the Sound to kick off the holiday season!

It’s my own door-buster of a celebration.

Leave a comment below, telling us what you are most grateful for this year.

The first EIGHTEEN people* to comment will win!

It’s that simple.

And I’m that grateful. And then some.

*U.S. addresses only please. Winners of previous giveaways on my blog not eligible.

48 thoughts on “Big, blessed book giveaway!

  1. My 9 year old has been reading the Bible with me this year. We are on day 328/365 and we have learned so much together. I am very thankful for our time together and for her willingness to trudge through the difficult and tedious portions of scripture. This has been an experience that will stick with us both for life.

    Soli Deo Gloria

  2. I am most thankful for family. I was orphaned at 18 years old. I hadn’t talked to one of my closest friends from high school in nearly a year. He heard about my situation through his parents who were still local….I had met them while we dated a short time…while they never directly reached out to me, they came to my daddy’s memorial service and from that point on they checked on me everyday. Within a few months they knew I was struggling to keep my apartment and everything and they extended the invitation for me to move in with them. Well here I am 7 years later and while I’ve been off to college and come back they have continued to be my family in the fullest of ways despite ALL of my flaws! So this season I am most thankful for family that is not blood because without them there is no telling where I would be without them!

  3. This year my 9-year-old has been reading the Bible with me. We are on day 328/365 and we have learned so much together. I am grateful for all God has revealed and for this precious time I’ve been able to spend with my girl.

    Soli Deo Gloria


  4. I’m grateful this year for moments of rest amidst the busy, reminders of His goodness, and that I’ve found a renewed love in daily Bible reading.

  5. I am most grateful for my life. Several years ago I wanted to end it all. I thought that the only mistake God made was in creating me. I live a very different life now and I’m grateful to Father for it.

  6. I’m grateful for my ever-growing relationship with God. I’m grateful for my husband and daughter. I’m grateful for my best friend, Lara. And, I’m grateful for my author/blogger community!!!

  7. Thank you all so much for entering! There are 24 of you who commented…that’s just six more than I originally said would win…and I can definitely accommodate you, too! So, congratulations to all 24 of you! (Comments after this are appreciated, but I regret I have to cut it off now…thank you!)

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