dear writer…

…what scares you most?

I know them well, the voices

in the mind which begin to whisper,

rant, and rave about your inability and

the impossibility and all the vain

effort you throw at the page

white and raw

gleaming at you like an evil eye, daring

you, try it,

laughing at you, a blank bully

claiming you don’t have a chance. Hush.

Leak scribbles or phrases, vowels and verbs,

nonsense or pretense or suspense

from the end of your pen. Loose it

from doubt-shackles, write to

silence the critics


One thought on “dear writer…

  1. Wow, almost makes me just gasp. You can substitute any number of fears in which people fell mocking them-lack of career success, fat shaming, not pretty or handsome enough, never bright enough, never can be loved by..,parent, spouse, family, or anyone. There are lots of fears to grapple with for everyone so we should support everyone before another person decides it is too much to take on.

    Hope your writing will flow. Always have you in my prayers.

    Mrs. C

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