An open letter to my beloved Ukraine friends

Please join me in praying for my friends—indeed all our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Dearest friends, 

My heart is overflowing with anger, despair, and fervent prayers as I watch the news feeds about the unspeakable attacks on your beloved country. 

Can I pray with you right now?

Lord Jesus, we bow before you, prostrate with reverence and begging you to intervene supernaturally as only You can for the people of Ukraine, and in particular Mission to Ukraine. In Jesus name, we beg for you to put a hedge of protection around them, around the mothers and children who so desperately need You, and around our beloved friends. Lord, we claim Psalm 34:7 right now, in which you promise that your angel armies encamp around those who fear you. Guard our friends now, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Send your peace which passes all understanding. Be with the Ukraine government and leaders and guide them with good decisions.

Lord, we acknowledge that you are the God of David and Goliath, over Moses and the Red Sea, over Joshua and Jericho. We claim the same power that rolls stones and moves mountains and are raises the dead to work on behalf of our innocent Ukraine brothers and sisters. 

In Jesus holy name we pray,


*The photos below are of my trip to Mission to Ukraine in Zhitomyr in 2013. Come, Lord Jesus! Have mercy on them!

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