Celebrating NICU Awareness Month!

I adored every second of the time I spent working in the NICU as a nurse, and I drew upon many experiences there when writing Miracle at the Sodeshow, based on the true story of Dr. Martin Couney, the man largely responsible for the advent of neonatal care at the turn of the 20th century at a time with premature infant care was looked upon with disdain and the tiny babies were simply left to die while helpless families looked on. Thank goodness Dr. Couney had the courage to change all that!

Since it’s NICU Awareness Month, I’m giving e-books away for FREE to NICU parents and NICU healthcare workers. Message me for details.

Others can order copies for just $0.99 the rest of this month only! Click here or any of the pictures below to order!

One thought on “Celebrating NICU Awareness Month!

  1. Both of my daughters were NICU babies (20 and 24 years ago!) and I can’t wait to read this! We loved our NICU nurses. We still meet up with them just to visit. They are amazing people!

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