On change and living truth.

(Originally published via my newsletter in December, 2022.)

Back in 2006 our youngest son started first grade, and I started pursuing a professional writing career in earnest, alongside my work as a nurse. Since then, I have given novel writing my best. I have no regrets, and each one of the stories I have told offer the most honest truth I know how to tell in fiction. 

With each year and with each novel, I have changed. The publishing industry has changed. And now, I am choosing to be content with what I have offered and move on. 

This is not to say I am done writing.

Words are my life, and my life is filled with words. But in the middle of my middle age, I realize I want to write truth.

Currently, I am reading John Greene’s non-fiction work, The Anthropocene Reviewed. In describing his own journey as a novelist and his decision to write non-fiction, he writes:

“I realized I don’t want to write in code anymore.”

Neither do I. 

I want to write truth through poetry, through essay, through devotions. And and I want to return to the love I have for creating with my hands, things like jewelry, painting, woodwork, and more. Also as a continuation of my passion to offer healing and hope, I have plans to refocus on and further my nursing career.

What does this mean for this newsletter? For my books? For you?

Because I own most of the rights to most of my books again, they will always be available in e-book and paperback. Click here to read the latest about each of them.

Also in this newsletter, I’m announcing a brand new LLC and boutique, in which I will offer various unique and one-of-a-kind artwork, woodwork, jewelry, and more. 

And in this newsletter and on my blog, I will continue to write occasional poetry, encouragement, and nature essays, as well as to offer photography celebrating life and truth, even in the midst of brokenness. 

I hope you will stick with me in this transition as we all learn how to sojourn this life in new and creative ways. 

It is because of you, and most of all because of Jesus who makes all things new, that I continue to create, in new and hopefully enjoyable ways. 

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