bare crooked seasons

the thing about winter is not the cold but the bare brave beauty that comes from the letting go of brown dead detritus –a big word for the lost– determined to resurrect life from the dark. Shine, then, crooked branches, reaching sunward with hope always of spring, and unafraid of the changing seasons.

on a warm winter day

smells like when the boys were small, the sweetness of souls virgin and raucous on jungle gyms; shadows of carefree joy against the gray blue of incoming spring. The warm evening a winter reprieve, light on the far western horizon, the V of a threesome of geese searching for a soft place to land andContinue reading “on a warm winter day”

One word for 2020: VISION

Every year I pray for “one word” to provide focus and guidance throughout the coming year. This year, it came to me without more than a few seconds of pondering, and I knew in my marrow when I saw it: VISION. I’m not talking about the entrepreneurial, vision-casting, crowd-sourcing kind of vision. I’m talking aboutContinue reading “One word for 2020: VISION”

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