haiku #1

Lament for Ukraine

pieces lay scattered souls shattered like a Picasso painting all crooked and wrong and bile rises in the throat, a silent scream. someone make it stop. where is the God of Abraham and Isaac now? can He not hear the weeping louder now than Ramah? can He not see the river Dnieper, crimson and gapingContinue reading “Lament for Ukraine”

On David and Goliath

My three sons sat snuggled around me, dressed in Superman, Batman, and Buzz Lightyear pajamas, their hair still damp from bath time. I had hoped to expand their theological exposure with a different story from their favorite Little Boys Bible, but again they insisted we read David and Goliath.  It’s no wonder, really. The lure towardsContinue reading “On David and Goliath”

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