On Ukraine and how you can help

On Ukraine and how you can help “We’re all here,” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine said in the video that has since captured the hearts of many around the world. People are marveling at the strength, grit, and courage of not only Zelenskyy, but of the Ukraine people in general. I’m not surprised by itContinue reading “On Ukraine and how you can help”

An open letter to my beloved Ukraine friends

Please join me in praying for my friends—indeed all our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Dearest friends,  My heart is overflowing with anger, despair, and fervent prayers as I watch the news feeds about the unspeakable attacks on your beloved country.  Can I pray with you right now? Lord Jesus, we bow before you, prostrateContinue reading “An open letter to my beloved Ukraine friends”

The greatest gift of the nativity

One of the most cherished aspects of the Christmas season are lights. Twinkle lights, tree lights, luminaries, lanterns tied up with evergreen and bows, and especially candlelight. Light was an extraordinary part of the first Christmas, too. Historians confirm that the time at which Christ was born was very dark. Among the Jewish people, doubtContinue reading “The greatest gift of the nativity”

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