Q&A: Meet protagonist Sophie Rosenfeld

In my upcoming novel, Miracle at the Sideshow: An Astounding Novel of the First Infant Incubators, the main character is Sophie Rosenfeld, a fictional 18-year-old young lady who lives with her mother and four sisters in New York’s Lower East Side Neighborhood in 1911, a tumultuous time in general in New York City. Through herContinue reading “Q&A: Meet protagonist Sophie Rosenfeld”

Who’s the best? YOU ARE! Announcing my 2021 reader survey!

If the last year and a half has done anything, it’s caused many of us to take stock of our past, present and future. I’m thrilled to say I’m working on several new manuscripts. However, I’m also wondering as I write: what do my dear readers really like? What about my novels makes you smile?Continue reading “Who’s the best? YOU ARE! Announcing my 2021 reader survey!”

Celebrate Black History Month with a book!

A couple years ago I decided to make a concerted effort to read more fiction and non-fiction written by people of color (POC). So much is and has been left out of our history books about their true American experience, and so much can be learned by reading their stories. Over the years, I’ve readContinue reading “Celebrate Black History Month with a book!”

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