The greatest gift of the nativity

One of the most cherished aspects of the Christmas season are lights. Twinkle lights, tree lights, luminaries, lanterns tied up with evergreen and bows, and especially candlelight. Light was an extraordinary part of the first Christmas, too. Historians confirm that the time at which Christ was born was very dark. Among the Jewish people, doubtContinue reading “The greatest gift of the nativity”

In which I consider the Mary in all of us this Christmas

Can you imagine being Mary? A shameful, out-of-wedlock pregnancy. A fiance’ who stays with her out of pity. A long, painful, obligatory journey to Bethlehem in her ninth month of pregnancy, and for what? To be counted in a census. And the inn–there were no private rooms at the inn. We’ve seen the movies withContinue reading “In which I consider the Mary in all of us this Christmas”

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