What’s more contagious than coronovirus?

I’ve just returned from a short trip to New York City, where a single sniffle on the subway causes strangers to pull scarves over their faces and reach reflexively for the prized bottle of Purel in their pocket. I don’t know why I thought it would be different when I returned home. I guess IContinue reading “What’s more contagious than coronovirus?”


let it not be thought that from the damage done in youth rises the irreversible melancholy of despair for the Lord is my rock and my salvation blessed is he who comes and many are the angels who encamp around the innocent who live on and beyond the hard, always toward the goal of peace

In which I consider the Mary in all of us this Christmas

Can you imagine being Mary? A shameful, out-of-wedlock pregnancy. A fiance’ who stays with her out of pity. A long, painful, obligatory journey to Bethlehem in her ninth month of pregnancy, and for what? To be counted in a census. And the inn–there were no private rooms at the inn. We’ve seen the movies withContinue reading “In which I consider the Mary in all of us this Christmas”

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