Robins. A poem.

The robins and I


each other, as if neither were a surprise

but simply the intertwining 

of the world.

The river birch struggles

above us, a victim of last year’s


This is not a surprise, either.

The world is harsh,

after all.

I almost missed it. Day 16, counting down #25daysofgood

Some trees in our yard are bare 

already, fallen leaves brown and dry.

I almost missed

the single white daisy, blooming

as if to spite

the coming frost. “Don’t mind

me,” she says,

and goes right on blooming.


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summertime real. a poem.

I love the smell of summer,

soil like unsweetened chocolate


under my nails, my


stretching out, welcoming the hard press

of heat,

heavy and thick,

making me feel