Trouble in this world, a poem

I suppose faith would indeed be seen as weak,

those who pity us 

who rely on the unseen. For true strength

rises up on the wings of broken 

hearts and flesh, invisible

not because of what we have done but

because of who HE is.

the true

pity is for the ones who do not know

who cannot see the goodness 

in the land of the living,

who cannot help

but mock and reopen the stripes of the 


who died for even them. No 

justice comes 

from arguing about the shade of red to a blind man.

And so we traipse 

on, the bruised and weary land

I love thirsting for the one drink

they refuse to taste.


Empty me…(a poem)

The struggle is real.

Do more.

Be more.

But wait.

Be still.


When life is full that’s when we need to give it up.

Give it all up.

Let the worries and the pressure and the performance fall through the aching holes of our heart,

the heaviness of brown paper package

promises released,

the frustrations of 


like sand through a sieve 


given up

to the One 

who gave Himself 

to fill us up




not as the world





Ere I knew Easter

Bunnies, eggs, chocolate.

Wooden crosses, nails, blood.

The dichotomy between the events of the first Easter and what society has made it today couldn’t be wider.

But our Lord is bigger than commercialism. 

He’s bigger than bombs and terrorists and politicians and governments.

Now more than ever the world needs to know THIS:

If He could break through death, He can certainly break through to our hearts.

And so this Easter, if you’re struggling with current events, loss of a loved one, discouragement, or pain, know that Easter is much more than a jelly beans and plastic grass. It’s much more than a fancy new dress and patent leather shoes.

The rush of blood from His pierced side covers you.

The thrusts of thorns upon His head paid for your pain.

The stripes on His back mark your salvation.

And the best part? 

His Kingdom has no end, 

knows no bounds, 

dries all tears, 

rights all wrongs, 

pays every debt, 

silences every lie, 

stands for every truth, 

hears every cry, 

eliminates all pain, 

cures all disease, 

embraces every vagabond, 

magnifies every overlooked, 

calms every fear, 

takes every burden,

and makes everything new.

Easter for you, and for me, is freedom.



Praise the Lord, He is risen, indeed!

Have a blessed, victorious Easter, dear friends!