november moon: a sonnet

november moon hugging the edge of night are you the only witness to the plight of a heart decades ploughed and shorn by lies? white stalk-arms reach stiff to the inky skies frozen again under a white facade of cruel obedience and auld bravade how do you do it? she asks the shy sphere howContinue reading “november moon: a sonnet”


i know maya’s cage how one move toward the latch rattles the rails, too stiff to bend for the soloist. but long rusted iron can’t stop the breath of life song building strength and determined to live beyond the walls built to contain the shame that never be- longed to her. the bird watched andContinue reading “uncaged”

stand: an autumn poem

i told the trees a secret still lush from summer still green with naivete you will break apart again just like every fall just until you think you’ll die but when the last of winter ebbs you’ll be standing your arms raised high and bare in victory so don’t be afraid of change like theContinue reading “stand: an autumn poem”

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