Pray for abuse survivors.

I can’t watch the news or follow social media right now. Times like these are too much for a survivor. Times like these are too much for a lot of people. 

And so I retreat, to the old, godly way. 

Not because I’ve surrendered. 



I am stronger than that. 

But because I know that on the Lord’s path I am free. 


Join me in praying for abuse survivors? So many are triggered and hurting right now. But as I hoped to portray in my novel, How Sweet the Sound, we can trade hurt for hope. 

Our God is an Isaiah 61 God who creates beauty from ashes and redeems and restores. 

Pray survivors rise above these days to know this truth! 


When Home Feels like a Fixer-Upper

My husband and I stood and stared at the scalding hot water pouring onto the bare plywood floor of the bathroom we are remodeling. Neither of us knew how exactly to go about plugging a hole in a water main. Finally, the shock wore off. I grabbed nearby towels and stuffed them around the split copper pipe, and my husband ran to the basement to shut off the water. Thankfully, the plumber was scheduled to come the next day, and the neighborhood pool made a great stand-in for showers that evening.
Do-it-yourself projects look really easy, all smiles and shiplap, until something like this happens.

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Meet the characters of How Sweet the Sound: Jed Manon

All this month, I’m introducing various characters from my novel, How Sweet the Sound. Today I’m introducing Jed Manon, the unlikely friend of the protagonist. 

Order a copy of How Sweet the Sound today to learn more about Jed and all the characters in this lower Alabama story. Available at this link and wherever your favorite books are sold.


A rebel.

Maybe he has a cause.

Maybe he doesn’t.

Maybe his role in the story is to find one.

Unannounced and unexpected, Jed Manon arrives bigger than life in Bay Spring, Alabama, bringing with him secrets of his own.

Will he and Anniston face the dangers lurking in Jed’s life, a life markedly different from her own?

Together, what will they learn about trust?


Even, and perhaps, love?

If you’ve read How Sweet the Sound, what did you think of Jed? Share your thoughts below (without giving away any plot secrets, of course!)

*Photo credit: Boy rolling a cigarette. Kentucky, 1964. William Gedney Photographs and Writings Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library.


How Sweet the Sound: A Novel

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