Announcing 40 Days of Hope for Healthcare Heroes

Quarantine diaries: April 6 we

364,723 confirmed cases. 10,781 deaths. 19,346 recovered. ***** I couldn’t help it. Before I opened my eyes this morning, my first thought was, What great horror awaits us today? The general public is panicked enough without knowing what those of us in the trenches see every day, every hour, every minute. Again I felt faithlessContinue reading “Quarantine diaries: April 6 we”

Quarantine journals: March 31

184,183 diagnosed. 3,721 deaths (more than 9-11). 6,043 recovered. ***** A calm hovers over the panic. Do you feel it? People helping people. People cheering us on. Several local Sunday small groups made signs for us nurses, signs saying we are brave and strong and heroes, and when we came to work Monday morning theyContinue reading “Quarantine journals: March 31”

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