How sweet the…Pecan crusted lemon cheese squares!

  If I had to choose my favorite part about being a published author, it would be my visits to book clubs. Just the fact that these clubs pick my books to read is beyond kind!

A couple weeks ago I met with a book club from a local church. Like the other clubs I’ve visited, they spoiled me with amazing snacks and treats. 

Take these freakishly to-die-for, four-layered, pecan crusted lemon cheese squares Geri brought, for instance. 

I ate a whole entire plate of them.

I wish I was kidding.

Actually, I don’t wish I was kidding.

I loved every bite of it. 

My eyes watered as I stuffed my face with them, they were so. darn. good.

Geri was kind enough to share her 40+ year old recipe with us, and to allow me to share the recipe with you. Did I mention these things have four layers–FOUR LAYERS–of yumminess??! 

And do you know what she did?

She added pecans to the crust. Because the club had read How Sweet the Sound. And if you’ve read How Sweet the Sound, you know how integral pecans are to the story. 
If you haven’t read How Sweet the Sound, may I suggest you whip up a batch of these and some sweet tea and read it? 

(You guys, the recipe calls for cream cheeseCream cheese!)

Thank you, Geri, for this recipe. And thank you to the kind ladies at ZUMC for having me out to your club. I’m so grateful you read the book!


Pecan Crusted Lemon Cheese Squares
By Geri Rogers


Bottom layer:  

1½ cups flour

1½ sticks butter

1T granulated sugar

½ cup chopped and toasted pecans


❑ Mix as for pie dough, cut small pieces of butter into flour with a pastry blender or a knife until it resembles small peas.
❑ Pat into a 9 x 13 pan. 
❑ Bake at 350° for 20 minutes.  
❑ Cool completely before adding next layer.  

Note:  You can make and bake the bottom crust the night before.


Second layer:  

12 ounces of light or regular cream cheese

1 ½ cups powdered sugar

½ – 1 cup Cool Whip


❑ Whip cream cheese until creamy then add powdered sugar.  
❑ Cream together until smooth.  
❑ Fold in ½-1 cup Cool Whip.
❑ Spread on top of cooled crust.


Third layer:  

1 (15.75 oz.) can of Duncan Hines ComstockOriginal Lemon Pie Filling

❑ Spread evenly over cream cheese layer.


Top and final layer: 

large container of Cool Whip (minus the ½ cup used above.)


❑ Spread Cool Whip lightly over lemon pie filling using little wavelike strokes.

Cover and refrigerate before serving.  

Note: Great for “parties and showers.”  Cut the squares small enough to fit into muffin papers!  Enjoy!


Book and pecan combo giveaway to warm you up for the holidays!


Snow’s falling and the first fire of the year is crackling in our fireplace as I type. The early onset of winter has folks cozy-ing up, hunkering down, and thinking of warm recipes and hearthside gatherings and Thanksgiving.

As such, I have a giveaway to warm your heart and your palate!

The rules are simple. Leave a comment, including one of a few of your favorite things of the holiday season. From the comments, one winner will be chosen at random and will win a signed copy of How Sweet the Sound,


your choice of either 1) a combo tin of pecans OR 2) a one pound bag of baking pecans straight from B & B Pecan Company, my favorite pecan farm in the world which happens to be located in the very setting of my novel, How Sweet the Sound.

Things can get pretty crazy during the holiday season, with traffic and consumerism, frightful weather and “needful things,” but my prayer is that this giveaway will be a warm and peaceful spot in the heart of one lucky winner. The book will take you away to the Alabama gulf coast. And the pecans, well…who can resist the taste of these little morsels ripened under the summer sun and in the ocean breeze?

The contest will run throughout this week, so pass it along.

Winners will be announced Friday morning. 

Best wishes to all, and warm hugs from our home to yours!