On finding margin in a maddening world

I’m weary. The last eighteen months have been unlike any others, and I just want to curl up in a ball with my dog until it’s over, especially in the face of more potential pandemic-related restrictions, new virus variants, and overwhelming uncertainty. I suspect you feel the same. Recently, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement launched aContinue reading “On finding margin in a maddening world”

writing. these days.

“I know you love words,” my co-worker said the other day as I struggled to properly pronounce a particularly long and awkward medical term. I do love words. My earliest memories of words are of pouring over storybooks and McGuffy Readers and learning to pronounce words all on my own. Learning to write words wasContinue reading “writing. these days.”


Isolation made me yearn for all the undone to be fixed and put right and so I put up homes and perches for the birds, my own sort of tuppence tossed out the back door where the wee-est search for breadcrumbs. They plead with their broken songs to be heard. And we, safe inside ourContinue reading “tuppence”

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