Announcing Morning by Morning: Finding Peace in All Seasons. A visual devotional from the heartland.

Friends, I am THRILLED to introduce to you a brand new project I’ve been working on with my incredible photographer cousin, Ross T. Waitt:

Morning by Morning: Finding Peace in All Seasons. A visual devotional from the heartland.

Available now exclusively at in 184 full-color pages, this promises to be a keepsake and treasure of a book to record thoughts, prayers, poetry, or prose inspired by bucolic, rural beauty.

Here’s a synopsis:

Seldom are the opportunities we can be still and recognize the goodness of God in the midst of our busy lives. Morning by Morning: Finding Peace in All Seasons offers individuals and small groups the opportunity to do just that in a unique and inspiring, photographic journaling devotional from the heartland.

Over 75 breathtaking images from debut photographer Ross T. Waitt are paired with Bible verses and writing prompts which cover topics like anxiety and doubt, joy and restoration. Waitt’s bucolic images from his small, family-run dairy farm, The Dandy Breeze Dairy in central Indiana, capture brilliantly what few of us have the opportunity to slow down and see firsthand: that there truly is a season for everything and that God is right there with us in the midst.

Other features include plenty of space for journaling, and a section to record prayer requests and answers throughout the year. Morning by Morning: Finding Peace in All Seasons is for readers, writers, and photography lovers of all ages searching for more of God’s presence in the big and little things in life, and everything in between.

I hope you’ll consider ordering today!

Ross T. Waitt is a lifelong resident of rural Indiana. A graduate of Herron School of Art and Design, he has been interested in photography for most of his life, particularly in capturing the quiet moments that happen around us every day. Designer and editor Amy K. Sorrells is the author of Before I Saw You, Lead Me Home, and other highly acclaimed novels, and a contributing author in multiple non-fiction collaborations.

on a warm winter day

smells like when

the boys were small,

the sweetness of souls virgin

and raucous on jungle gyms;

shadows of carefree joy against the gray

blue of incoming spring. The warm evening

a winter reprieve, light on the far

western horizon, the V of a threesome

of geese searching for a soft place

to land and live and be.

who am I to grieve the waning days

when winter gives way to such

glory of spring

and beginnings



One word for 2020: VISION

Every year I pray for “one word” to provide focus and guidance throughout the coming year. This year, it came to me without more than a few seconds of pondering, and I knew in my marrow when I saw it:


I’m not talking about the entrepreneurial, vision-casting, crowd-sourcing kind of vision. I’m talking about watching and waiting and being on the lookout for God moving in and around me and others.

In sum: vision without fear.

This year I am (re)committing to the Lord’s vision and purpose for me, to using the gifts He has allowed me for facilitating the freedom of others. Even one heart set free is worth the work that stories of hard and hope have proven to provide readers.

As I prayed over this one word, over this *vision,* I was led to the second chapter of Habakkuk:

“Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.” Habakkuk 2:2-3 (ESV)

I may not see the fruits of the seeds of hope that I plant in my stories in my lifetime. Storms of doubt and discouragement will no doubt reoccur. Some will always be bewildered by my work. But I will press on, for Him and for the one(s) who need it most.

This is my goal for the new year, and beyond.


From the Lord of my heart.
My best Thought
day and night
not for riches
not for empty praise
for Him and Him only
now and always.


What about you? What are your goals and resolutions? What strongholds will you sever and what truths will you embrace?

All joy and blessing to each of you in 2020 and beyond, dear friends!