One word for 2020: VISION

Every year I pray for “one word” to provide focus and guidance throughout the coming year. This year, it came to me without more than a few seconds of pondering, and I knew in my marrow when I saw it: VISION. I’m not talking about the entrepreneurial, vision-casting, crowd-sourcing kind of vision. I’m talking aboutContinue reading “One word for 2020: VISION”

In which I consider the Mary in all of us this Christmas

Can you imagine being Mary? A shameful, out-of-wedlock pregnancy. A fiance’ who stays with her out of pity. A long, painful, obligatory journey to Bethlehem in her ninth month of pregnancy, and for what? To be counted in a census. And the inn–there were no private rooms at the inn. We’ve seen the movies withContinue reading “In which I consider the Mary in all of us this Christmas”

Favorite books of 2019!

I was incredulous at the number of books I was able to read–nearly ninety! Much of this is thanks to my library’s audio book service, as well as having three sons in college and frequent road trips to and from their schools. Having an audio book going while I drive, do housework, walk my dog,Continue reading “Favorite books of 2019!”

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