Thank you for your interest in Amy’s op-ed column in The Current newspaper.

She likes to refer to her pieces as, “Life with a Twist,” offering insight into everyday and current scenarios, and turning them in to a bit of hope for readers to take home.

She considers her column to be a success when folks snip it out and put it on their refrigerator (as has been known to occur).

Luddites, Steinbeck and hope, 7/22/17

Oh say can you see, 6/19/2017

Keep calm and read on, 6/3/17

Don’t blink, dear mamas, 4/24/17

The plight of suburban lepers, 3/28/17

The art of the elite, 1/23/17




b1e34858-df21-11e5-9075-a7bc62009084Kick off your workin’ shoes, put on your slippers, and settle down with my previous weekly newspaper column, Life With a Twist, which ran from 2009-2012 in the Zionsville Times Sentinel.


Moving on with thanks and hope, 5/2/2012

Living in the zone, 4/26/2012

An unlikely (tail) of redemption, 4/18/2012

Finding a way home from vacation, 4/11/2012

Waiting on ash trees, 4/4/2012

What’s so great about the Hunger Games, 3/28/2012

It’s the hard drive life for us, 3/21/2012

The sun and the rain and our appleseeds, 3/14/2012

An encore month for school music, 3/07/2012

Reframing the long struggle of life, 2/29/2012

A fully human set of eyes, 2/22/2012

Every kiss begins with a stone, 2/15/2012

Harvesting a super bowl of hope, 2/8/2012

Got nothin’ against the big town, 2/1/2012

Putting a muzzle on SOPA and PIPA, 1/25/2012

A name that shall not be cut off, 1/18/2012

Reupholstering the mimicking political landscape, 1/11/2012

Life is like a plate of pancakes, 1/4/2012

Legislating a dirty little Super bowl secret, 12/28/2011

Inhaling the uncertainty of Christmas, 12/21/2011

The carol of the wild turkeys, 12/14/2011

How to avoid half-lit, tangled up holidays. 12/7/2011

Can I have fries with that McService? 11/30/2011

On beyond thankful, 11/23/2011

Occupy the street set before you, 11/16/2011

A stamp no one should approve, 11/9/2011

Grab your fedora and write, 11/2/2011

Resolving life’s little concoctions, 10/26/2011

Lamenting the monster mash, 10/19/2011

Beauty on the back stretch, 10/12/2011

Pressing fully into fall, 10/5/2011

Knots and dreams and woven things, 9/28/2011

A panegyric play on prevarication, 9/21/2011

Skyping in to computer generated humility, 9/7/2011

Lessons from the color wheel, 8/31/2011

Holes happen, 8/24/2011

Back to the future of the good old days, 8/17/2011

So much depends upon summer, 8/10/2011

The problem with stilettos and Somalia, 8/3/2011

Being yourself in an apple-eat-apple world, 7/27/2011

The yellow-bellied spine of American debt, 7/20/2011

Living outside the wake, 7/13/2011

The newborn peace of home, 7/6/2011

Lost, found and freedom, 6/29/2011

The day I resigned as camp counselor, 7/22/2011

Crumbs of truth, caught red-handed, 6/15/2011

The ultimate teacher’s gift, 6/8/2011

Purple flowers in a barren, busy land, 6/1/2011

If left behind, please feed my dogs, 5/24/2011

A word for graduates, 5/18/2011

The secrets of nurses, 5/11/2011

Free to a good home, 5/4/2011

See you in the produce aisle, 4/27/2011

A faith that means everything, 4/21/2011

Redefining a hero, 4/13/2011

Two minutes to read this column, 4/6/2011

There’s more than corn (and tantrums) in Chambana, 3/30/2011

One mans oops is another mans pleasure, 3/23/2011

The seismic choice of finding a new axis, 3/16/2011

When the me becomes we, 3/9/2011

Driving through distraction, 3/2/2011

An olive branch for the heart, 2/23/2011

Taking the long road on Valentine’s Day, 2/16/2011

The icy reality of cabin fever, 2/9/2011

Over the hill of Idol, 2/2/2011

Beyond our compartmentalized dreams, 1/26/2011

Fearing the torrential downpour of an annual virus, 1/19/2011

Choosing to rememer one year ago today, 1/12/2011

The fleecing flurry of blizzard fashion, 1/5/2011

Don’t let the new year catch you by the tail, 12/29/2010

Unwrapping Santa on Christmas, 12/22/2010

Falling for the glistening glory of snow, 12/15/2010

What’s in the palm of your hand? 12/8/2010

Hauling out heart for the holidays, 12/1/2010

Rescuing the cornucopia of hunger, 11/24/2010

No regrets in regrettable times, 11/17/2010

Saluting the price of freedom, 11/10/2010

The pedagogy of puppies, horses and humility, 11/3/2010

MOAB: An acronym bigger and better than a super store pink aisle, 10/27/2010

When failure is not an option, 10/20/2010

Where you do, what you do matters 10/13/2010

Clarity through still apertures, 9/29/2010

Hoarding a doggone good time, 9/22/2010

Kindness means embracing sharp edges, 9/15/2010

Knee deep in gratefulness, 9/8/2010

When stuck, act like a Chilean miner, 9/1/2010

Untangling the Kudzu for a new school year, 8/25/2010

Running away on the brick street, 8/18/2010

Cream of the crop in the landscape of our town, 8/11/2010

Life’s a fair, 8/4/10

Mud puddlin’ on a summer afternoon, 7/28/2010

The heat is on, 7/21/2010

Toys are real and I’ll tell you why, 7/14/2010

My sordid affair with the rental machine, 7/7/2010

When lightning strikes, 6/20/2010

The devastating depths of gushing greed, 6/23/2010

Carving love with calloused hands, 6/16/2010

What would you give up? 6/9/10

Robert Frost had it all wrong, 6/2/2010

Charcoal gray reflections on window cleaning, 5/26/10

A tale of Brick Street Market EVE, 5/19/10

Stick (figures) and stones: naming the problem on our city streets, 5/12/10

The non-profit trepidation of Mother’s Day, 5/5/10

My dogs are barkin’ part 2: Where there’s a will there’s a way, 4/28/10

My dogs are barkin’ and that’s no cliche’, 4/21/10

Looking into the eyes of the beholden, 4/14/10

Eastern junipers and jump shots, 4/7/10

2100 pennies: a (tail) of faith, 3/31/10

The improvised and obstinate garden autobiography, 3/24/10

Dissecting a lifelong love of learning, 3/17/10

March madness at the car shop, 3/10/10

Celebrating essential harmonies in life, 3/3/10

Sub-zero thoughts about bacon, blokes and belles, 2/24/10

Learning to find balance from Lincoln’s lanky hands, 2/17/10

Will you go with me? 2/10/10

For the love of cute and cuddly middles, 2/3/10

Lamenting the post-nasal drip of Indiana lineage, 1/27/10

Love comes to town on a salty back windshield, 1/20/10

Flushing out courage on a cold winters day, 1/13/10

The charming mess of resolute intentions, 1/6/10

All I got for Christmas, 12/30/09

My dog hates Santa hats and so do I, 12/23/09

Toilet brushes, traditions and mutating trees, 12/16/09

Wassailing with the green eyed monster, 12/9/09

The day Edgar McWhiskerson met Mama Bear, 12/2/09

Openin’ up a can of wild turkey this Thanksgiving, 11/25/09

There’s something rotten in Copenhagen, 11/18/2009

My graceful conniption, 11/5/09

I’m not counting on Brett Favre. Or a Muumuu. 10/28/09

On aerators, bulbs and secret gardens, 10/21/09

Flying dogs, biting kids and lame apologies, 10/14/09

Tooth fairies, funerals and other expenses, 10/7/09

The epic loss of tangible trilogies and paper cuts, 9/23/2009

Obama forgot what kids really need, 9/16/09

Pop-Tarts, Etiquette Chairs, and the Back 40, 9/9/09

I’ll meet you at the corner of 16 and now, 9/2/09

Paradigms and Perspectives on Refrigerators, 8/26/2009

Bullies and Balance Beams, 8/19/09

Save the Polar Bears (and Crayons, too), 8/12/09

Doin’ the Best I Can (8/5/09)

My Virtual Reality (7/29/09)

Of Scooters and Mighty Putty (7/21/09)

Stalking Freshness (7/15/09)

Reader Comments:

“I was just sitting at home after a tough day . . . feeling sorry for myself and sat down to read the Zionsville Times-Sentinel . . . I ran across your column, drawn in by odd mention of scooters and putty in the headline. I am glad I read it. It made my day, even making this big ‘ol guy tear-up. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for what I have been blessed with in the way of my families, friends, and, indeed, our community. Please keep it up . . . “ –Kevin, local attorney

“What a great story with so many lessons to be learned; spend time with your kids, enjoy the little things in life, understanding disappointment and keeping the faith. It just really started my day with the right things to think about. Thanks so much for sharing and as a father so much of it hit home.” ~Jon

“We read her column weekly and anticipate each one.  This weeks has been scanned and emailed to family and friends. We represent the 30- somethinga with kids who have hitched our wagon to Zionsville. I would like to thank her for making Zionsville better through her column.” ~Drew & Gina

“I have wanted to say, for some time now, how much I enjoy your writings in the Times Sentinel.  They make me laugh, think and sometimes bring a tear to my eye.” ~Julie

“I just wanted to pass on my compliments and congratulations for your fine article earlier this week on Abe Lincoln’s hands as a metaphor for his strength and compassion. The subject matter was very timely for president’s day, and offered a very unique and clever perspective as to clench and release and its pertinence to challenges and obligations we face now in day to day living. Way to go!  Your column surely moved folks into thinking in new ways about Lincoln and his influence in our lives.” ~Craig

I am writing to express my appreciation for your article . . . I agree with your sentiments about the state of our culture and I applaud your courage, common sense, and skill in speaking up.  Thank you for seeking a platform to communicate important and timely ideas . . .  Many of us seem to be baffled by our cultural drift and what to do about it . . . As we are in desperate need of wisdom, I appreciate your local voice calling us to reason and virtue.  Thanks for doing something! ~Eric

“I just wanted to write a note and pass along to you my compliments on your regular column in the Zionsville Time Sentinel.  Your articles and comments are precious and I look forward to reading them every week.  Not only are they just “so true” for so many…we can all relate…any age…they are humorous and thought provoking!  I own a real estate office here in town and I set the page with your column on our conference table every week for my agents to read.  They love it too!  Sometimes I even make copies to scan and send to my mother and sisters.  Keep up the beautiful work.  I will look forward to your book!” ~Lynn