You’ve got a friend. 

You’re not alone.

Those can be the most reassuring words on the planet, can’t they? 

Hebrews 10:24-25 reminds us, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on…encouraging one another…”

Allowing someone the privilege of coming alongside us in our burdens is as much of a blessing as coming alongside them when they need it. Sometimes, telling just one loyal friend is enough to lift our hearts and help us press on in faith and joy. 

Because through friends, we learn we are not alone humanly, or spiritually. 

The Lord never leaves. 

In Lead Me Home, James Horton and his friends in Sycamore, Indiana, learn this truth, some of them the hard way. 

What does community mean to you? 

lingering and levering in the coffee shop.

A coffee shop lingers on the edge of the concrete jungle of my home town
where folks gather or sit
alone gazing into the soft glow of computer screens.

The woody aroma of truth
rises as conversations turn
to church planting and baby raising.

Small talk
small business
small moments of life brewing as wisdom
streams through the up and down pumping of
air pot levers.

An ambulance screams over the whir
of the grinder.





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