circle. a poem.

round and round it goes. where it started where it will stop. nobody knows. Johnny sang about it. Tolkein wrote about it. i live it. will the circle be unbroken? the old hymn asks. only when a brave one trembling steps over the rim and flies. tight is the grip of the devil on thoseContinue reading “circle. a poem.”

On losing Jaxson: a dog story

We lost our beloved dog Jaxson the same day the pink and white peonies in the garden burst wide open. Funny, that’s how our hearts felt–and still feel. For losing a dog is more than losing a best friend and family member. It is losing an era. And such was the case with our Jaxson. Continue reading “On losing Jaxson: a dog story”


Isolation made me yearn for all the undone to be fixed and put right and so I put up homes and perches for the birds, my own sort of tuppence tossed out the back door where the wee-est search for breadcrumbs. They plead with their broken songs to be heard. And we, safe inside ourContinue reading “tuppence”

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