Emerging from frozen pain

I was thrilled to see “Let it Go” from Frozen win an Oscar last night. Not only is it beautifully sung and scored, but the lyrics have become a sort of personal theme for my just-released novel.

How Sweet the Sound, at it’s essence, is about emerging.

Emerging from pain.

Emerging from darkness.

Emerging from lies.

Emerging from shame.

Because, as difficult as the opening scenes of this novel may be to read, they work together to demonstrate the power and beauty of the truth when it sets people free.

As Comfort, one of the protagonists hurt most deeply, says,

I feel like the disciple Peter, knowing I am called, hearing Jesus tell me that opening the door will bring freedom and not pain … that pressing through the mist will bring relief and not more shame.

Letting go isn’t about erasing or dismissing the past.

It’s about living free in spite if it.