on not knowing. a poem.

it’s in the not knowing that the heart wrestles with pain on one side and joy on the other. not knowing whether to write or not to write, to build or not to build to preach to the captives or to stay silent. are the birds full of such angst as they gather before theirContinue reading “on not knowing. a poem.”

October moon

i see the moon brilliance poking through the thick velvet black night-curtain as if to say, “nothing can stop me.” beneath the hazy rings here on the browning autumn planet i stare and stand amazed by the courage it takes to reflect all that bright. “nothing can stop you,” the old sky-man whispers. and theContinue reading “October moon”

Mind yourself: a poem

One must have a mind of a zinnia Opening later than other blooms But lasting way past the first frost. Set your face to the sun And don’t look down Even when the night falls. Stand tall in the pelting rain Perfect petals in neat, straight rows. Yes, one must have a mind of aContinue reading “Mind yourself: a poem”

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