sandhill crane

i hear you throaty warbles on cue as i step into the cold. but i have yet to behold the graceful arc of your neck and the playful dance of your trek along the ancient current. oh sandhill, it’s as if you weren’t so different from me floating on the edge of free.


honk honk honk honk hurry gaggle after gaggle bleat rushing over our home in a flurry where where where where tell me over and over i gape wondering beneath them, can i follow?

i stepped away.

i stepped away today not to be contrary to the coal black pain, but rather just for a moment not to be at all. to feel the rush of a stream over my toes, and to hear the call of cardinals, searing red. i stepped away to regain my footing, shaky and weary to theContinue reading “i stepped away.”

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