On the Opioid Crisis and the Church: A National Emergency for Us All*

* Full article published in More to Life Magazine.

Tracy* sat on the bed in front of me, her eyes wild and darting around the room. She looked a mess, her long dark hair in dingy kinks and knots. Sunken brown eyes and a pock-marked face made her look more like forty than the twenty-something she was.

Most disturbing of all was the way she twisted and squirmed in the bed, as if fighting invisible cords threatening to tie her down.

Indeed, she was fighting something.

Before she was admitted to the hospital unit where I work, Tracy had been using over $1,000 a week of heroin, and ways she told us she’d been paying for it were unspeakable. As nurses, physicians and therapists, we were helpless in the fight to keep her pain manageable, not to mention treat the raging infection that caused her admission in the first place.

One might assume Tracy’s condition extreme, but hospitals are overflowing with opioid addicts like her whose hearts—literally and figuratively—are being destroyed.

Occasionally, we hear about stories like hers in the news. We catch a headline about a dozen people overdosing outside a local shelter. The evening news reports yet another city adopting a needle exchange program because if communities can’t control the drug use, maybe they can at least save an addict from contracting Hepatitis C or HIV or both.

What we don’t hear about so much is where the church is in the midst of the opioid crisis...click here to read the full story in More to Life Magazine.

We need a little LAUGHTER. Day 9 of #25daysofgood

Do you know what one of the best parts about being a nurse is?

The laughter.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking about irreverent guffaws at the expense of the hurting. There’s a lot of sad we have to deal with, and we deal with it brave and strong.

Maybe that’s why we laugh a lot… 

…to balance out the grief and the hard.

My good today is laughter with my nurse co-workers and friends. I count my blessings every time I go to work because of them.

What’s YOUR good? 

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Day 22 in the #25daysofgood countdown

I’m so grateful to have not one but two careers I love. Writing and nursing.

Helping people heal is my good for today, as it has been for more than two decades. 

What I’ve realized in these years is that we’re all more alike than different, that no one wants to be in pain, that we all cling to life when it is threatened, that everyone gets scared when they can’t breathe, that each of us wants the places in us that are oozing to be covered.

Thank the Lord for medicine, for technology, for research, for doctors and housekeepers and everyone in between who make our health system work, and who do good every day.




“Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.” Proverbs 16:24 (ESV)

What’s YOUR good today?


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