Prematurity Awareness Month and Book Giveaway

October 10 was a regular, beautiful autumn day, and one we will now celebrate forever. It is the day my son and his wife gave birth to twins, Jack and Eloise “Ellie,” at 34 weeks gestation.  I could never have imagined the novel I wrote about the inception of the infant incubator would become soContinue reading “Prematurity Awareness Month and Book Giveaway”

Train up

May is for mother’s and graduations, seedlings and birds frantically feeding and nesting, all things pointing to life. Train up a child…Proverbs 22:6 And yet for many, in the midst of emerging, emerald green foliage is the heavy weight of ambivalence. For many the life changes and celebrations just plain hurt. As an empty nester,Continue reading “Train up”

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